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High Speed! Art + Character Page Translations

Finally getting some translations up! I'm currently working on translating High Speed!, the light novel upon which the anime Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is based.

I've had these translated for a couple of days, but I didn't want to post them until I had something more substantial to go along with them. Fortunately, chapter one is all translated, and it should be going up in an hour or two, once I've had a chance to run it by my quality-control guy :)

Until then, I hope you enjoy these. (Warning: post has several large-ish images. Slower computers beware!)


High Speed!
By Ohji Kouji
Illustrations by Nishiya Futoshi

Hazuki Nagisa
One year younger than Haruka, in fifth grade. Naive. Innocent and uncomplicated. Admires Haruka, and is very attached to him.
Nanase Haruka
Unsociable and expressionless, but gives off a sense of great energy. He is fixated on freestyle, and will not swim anything else. His stroke is refined and beautiful.
Matsuoka Rin
Transferred into school with Haruka and the others. He has a talkative and frivolous disposition, but is also calculating and keenly insightful.
Acknowledges Haruka's skills as superior to his own.
Tachibana Makoto
Haruka's best friend since childhood. Cheerful, kind-hearted and thoughtful, he often tries to mother-hen over Haruka.
He tends to go all-out when swimming.

"You're fast. Are you really a grade-schooler?
"You're Matsuoka-kun from Sano SC, aren't you?"

"Haru, Haru!"
Rin had never seen anyone that terrified by something before.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Swim
Chapter 2 Water
Chapter 3 Free
Chapter 4 Relay
Chapter 5 Stroke
Chapter 6 Team
Chapter 7 Race
Chapter 8 SAKURA

Forward to Chapter 1

Yes, I know that translating the table of contents is kind of silly, but I did it for completeness!

Translated from raws downloaded at this post.

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Hello, my nickname is Nana Walker and I am very grateful to your translation (I really love swimmers). I wanted to ask if... I can translate your translations into Spanish?

PS: This is the blog that the translations would be published

Bye bye and thank you for the attention :)
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Re: Hello~

[personal profile] nana_walker 2013-07-26 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you very much <3. Don't worry, I will put in a link back to your post <3

Postdata: This is the link of the future translation :)
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[personal profile] lulu_hime 2013-07-28 05:44 am (UTC)(link)
Thanks for the translations! Can't wait for the other chapters!... \(T∇T)/
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Fourth Image

[personal profile] cirruz 2014-01-24 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
The fourth image didn't actually happen in the anime, right? I mean, it didn't show that?
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chapter 7 T.T

[personal profile] alyjaneo 2014-09-21 04:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi :D... I got really hooked up on the novel and thank you so much for the effort... I was wondering if there will be a chapter 7 translated and chapter 8 and afterword ( if the afterword is necessary )...and when will you be posting it? If it's already been posted, I cannot find it T.T... But still thank you so much ^ω^